DashWare / Starlane Stealth GPS – Embed the acquired data on its videos

Hi bikers!

Following my previous article about the incrustation of data acquired through a Starlane Stealth GPS 2, the result (unstable, with an “old-fashioned” look) and the difficulty of the thing pushed me to look for an alternative. .

By chance, I came across the DashWare software and I admit I was quickly convinced!

Simple, fast, customizable and offering a very nice result, I completely drop Digirace MMX (at least for embedding data on videos …)

I’ll try to explain to you again how to achieve this …

  • Prerequisites:
    • DashWare (Version 1.9.1 at the time of writing)
    • Your Starlane data imported into DigiRace MMX
    • Your GoPro videos
    • 1 PC powerful enough
  • 1st step: Exporting Starlane data from Digirace MMX

We start in Digirace MMX (Analysis module)

We open the session we want to work on:

Then we go to the menu “Export to file” by choosing “Session Complette” :

We select the export folder, then we save:

  • 2nd step: Video/data synchronization in DashWare

After installing it, we now launch DashWare, to create a new project (File -> New Project):

We enter a project name (or we leave the default name in my case), then we select the template “GoPro Template Metric” (or another that may be suitable for you):

We come across a black window with different gauges and logos, which we’ll customize later… We start by importing our video:

Then we add the data exported from Digirace during the previous step, by selecting the right acquisition source in the “Choose a data profile” menu (in our case “Starlane”):

We can now customize our screen by choosing to delete/add/resize our different gauges or logos:

Once satisfied with the “look” of our video, we go to the “Synchronization” tab. In order to obtain a smoother circuit layout, we first select a particular lap to display in the drop-down menu “Lap (s) to display”:

Still in the “Synchronization” tab, we will play with the progress bars to synchronize the passage of the starting line of the circuit on the video and the circuit map on the right (considering that the configuration of the circuit on the Starlane is consistent with reality):

Once the synchronization is completed, we check the “Sync with video” box:

We can now save our project:

We can also save our project as a template to keep the gauges/logos configuration for reuse for other videos:

We choose a template name, then we save:

Finally, we can now save our video:

We keep the default parameters:Then we wait (more or less long depending on the power of our PC):

Once finished, here is the result:

Hoping to have helped you! Do not hesitate to write to me if more detailed explanations are needed !!

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