Pôle Mécanique Alès-Cévennes – May 7th, 2018

Second day of our weekend on the mechanical center of Alès (Pôle Mécanique Alès-Cévennes in french).

The night was rough again, but the fatigue caused by the day’s driving made sleeping easier …

We are only 4 of our small group to ride today.

Waking up at 7:30, taking care of administrative tasks, as for the day before: registration, sound level control, safety briefing … This Monday, only Serges Nuques will join us on the track.

The weather is still very lenient for the first sessions.

Some beginners discovering the track, being afraid to embarrass, look behind them and deviate from the trajectory quite dangerously, we must remain cautious!

Nevertheless, the morning will run without worry for us, and I will get my best personal time in 1:39:240 during the 3rd session! There is still work, but it is already a good sign for confidence after my accident last summer!

Lunch break ! As the day before, we regain strength and fat to put a little weight on the bike …

We will have the chance to witness test rides of a car during our break.

We take the opportunity to watch the weather, much more pessimistic for the afternoon than it was so far …

We’ll see !

We resume the running of the afternoon hoping that the storms will not reach the circuit.

Unfortunately, the rain will not spare us! The sky is already gray, a storm will fall on the group of confirmed!

The track will close for a big half hour, the time that the rain rinses correctly the circuit…

It will open again a few minutes later, the organization will offer an open ride for the brave and the foresighted who brought the rain tires …

For our part, we will not take any risk, it will be an opportunity to tidy up and leave early so we do not arrive home at 3am …

Conclusion: A second day shortened, but positive, the pace is accelerating quietly, we begin to have the circuit in mind and try different things … No injuries on our side, and a desire, start again!

Finally, some pictures from Mr Christian Dassonneville :

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