Preparation of the Daytona for the track – Season 2

Following my previous article detailing the preparation started on my Daytona 675, acquired for the track, a year has passed…

After this first season, some modifications were imposed.

At the same time to put back in a correct state the motorcycle after my fall, to make it reliable, to improve again a little its protection and also to occupy a very cold and snowy winter so that this one passes more quickly !

To the aim :

For the protection/repairing/aesthetic part :

For the reliability/preparation part :

Some pictures :

  • We remove everything :

  • We remove the stock handlebars, and we install the ARP clip ons with the brake fluid reservoir holder :

  • Replacement of the air filter :

  • Replacement of the water/oil exchange with the UKRS Oil Cooler :

  • GBRacing engine pads :

  • Fairings repairation and paint :

  • Then we set up everything :


  • The bike finally starts ! Miracle !!


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