DigiRace MMX / Starlane Stealth GPS – Embed the acquired data on its videos

Hello everyone !

After several track days, and wishing to embed the data acquired by my Starlane Stealth GPS 2 on my videos recorded by a GoPro, I found myself facing a real pitfall!

After a lot of trials and errors, I will try through this little tutorial to explain how to do this simply.

UPDATE 08.08.2018 : New method using DashWare

  • Prerequisites:
    • DigiRace MMX (Version 2.01.0036 at the time of writing)
    • Your Starlane data imported into DigiRace MMX
    • Your GoPro videos
    • 1 PC powerful enough
  • 1st step: Installation of codecs to re-encode videos

Personally, I downloaded and installed codecs provided by K-Lite in the “Mega Codec Pack”: Link here

When installing, choose “Profile 6: Standard playback and encoding (without Player)”

Once this is done, a restart of the PC is recommended.

  • 2nd step: Import videos into DigiRace MMX

We now execute DigiRace MMX. Then the “Analysis” module:

We launch the “Video Manager” :

A new window is opened, we choose “Import video” in the bottom-right corner:

We look for our video file, we choose the video date, the driver name and the track (filled in DigiRace previously):

We validate, and we wait !

The video appears now in the “video manager”, we click on “Assign to session” :

Then we look for the run corresponding to this video :

We validate by cliking on “OK”.

  • 3rd step : Video synchronization with Starlane data :

Still in DigiRace, we open the run on which we assigned our video :

On the right panel, we choose “Synchronise Video” :

We are now on the most delicate step to manager.

We need to synchronize our video with Starlane data, for that, 2 phases :

First, we need to select the pciture on which we cross the finish/start line, to do that, we choose a lap on the timeline (on my example, the lap 2) by clicking on “set range” :

Then we move the cursor on the bottom :

In order to have in the A box the picture on which we cross the finish line, matching the start of the lap choosed previously, we validate by clicking on “Proceed” :

Then, we need to choose the picture on which we start to brake after the finish line, this picture can be find due to the plunge of the fork, we select the good picture with the “Fine Synch.” and we validate by clicking on “Confirm” :

  • 4th step : Video encoding :

On the analyses window of our session, we choose “Video Overlay” :

Here, we choose, regarding our preferences, dashboard type, location and size of this one, location of the track outline, etc…

We select the encoding format by clicking on “Format settings”, I’m choosing Xvid MPEG-4 Codec for my example :

We choose the path where the new video will be created by clicking on “Save As…” :

Then we start the video encoding by clicking on “Create video”, and we wait !

After long minutes/hours (depending of your PC power), here is the result :

Memo : DigiRace MMX software is very freakish, you will probably have to restart it, or even restart the computer if you get some black picture during the step where you synchronize your data with your video.

Hoping to have been helpful, do not hesitate if you have questions on this subject !

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