Preparation of the Daytona for the track

Following the purchase of the Daytona and before my first track run, which will take place on April 29, 2017 on the circuit of Bresse, I had to prepare the bike (purchased in road configuration) for its new use…

After long hours spent on the net (especially on leboncoin…) on the lookout for good deals, here it is almost ready, leaving revision at Triumph Lyon :

It is certain that for now, it will not win a beauty prize ! But I did not buy it for that !!

The equipment for this first season was chosen above all to limit breakage in case of a fall… For performance and aesthetics, we’ll see what I can do in 2018 !

For information, here is the list of equipment installed with an idea of the budget :

  • Motorcycle: Daytona 675 year 2006 (27000km) : 4700€
  • Poly slightly scratched + bubble, used leboncoin : 250€
  • Street Triple tank with light poc, used leboncoin : 70€
  • Front mudguard poly, Moto-Vision : 23,80€
  • Protections batch, used leboncoin : 160€
    • GB Racing ignition protection
    • GB Racing clutch cover protection
    • GB Racing alternator protection
    • GB Racing fork axle protection
    • Rear wheel axle protection
  • Carbon swingarm protection, brand new Moto-Vision : 93,50€
  • Carbon frame protection, brand new Moto-Vision : 135,35€
  • Rear sprocket protection, brand new leboncoin : 12€
  • Diabolos M6, brand new Moto-Vision : 11,90€
  • Radiator protection, brand new Moto-Vision : 34€
  • Domino XM2 quick action throttle, brand new Motostand : 162,77€

Everything does not appear on the photos, but most is here !

I’m doing so with a budget of 4700€ for the bike + 953,32€ of equipment = 5653,32€

Keeping the parts sideways to sell them apart, if I keep this bike at the end of the season, it should (I hope) pay for the equipment !

See you soon on the track !!

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